Majorca wedding photographer Andrew Hazard

Majorca wedding photographer

I live in beautiful South Wales near the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal. I have a small but perfectly formed family - my wonderful wife Gaynor and my hero sons Zachariah and Jedediah. The best wedding I've ever been to was of course mine and Gaynor's. We married secretly in Bangkok with no guests, no photographer and it was amazing! We have just three wedding photos (I'm on just one!) but it was worth it.

Why Majorca?

Majorca has many fabulous boutique hotels and incredible churches that are wonderful wedding venues. There is breathtaking scenery, stunning restaurants and only 2 hours away from the UK - what isn't there to like?

Why wedding photography

I love being part of a special occasion and having a good laugh while I work. Technically it is very challenging and not for the faint hearted. After the wedding all you will have left are your photos so don't trust a novice or an anonymous hotel package photographer.