Wedding Agreement between the Bride and Groom (The Client) and Andrew Hazard Photography (The Photographer).

Only a non refundable booking fee and a signed contract will secure the date.  It is deemed that on booking The Client agrees to The Photographer's TERMS & CONDITIONS.


The copyright of photographs remains with The Photographer. The Client may reproduce, copy and distribute the photographs for personal use only. This is known as a ‘license to print’. The Client is not authorised to copy or pass any photographs or derived products to any third party for commercial use without first gaining permission in writing from the copyright owner (The Photographer). This includes all wedding suppliers such as hairdressers, makeup artists, hotels, entertainers, car hire etc. The images must not be manipulated including cropping.

2. Advertising

The Bride and Groom consent to Andrew Hazard Photography using the photographs for advertising including sample albums, websites, magazines and social media. The Photographer agrees not to use any photographs that may embarrass The Client or their guests.

3. Cooperation

The Client and The Photographer consent to cooperate and communicate with each other to achieve the best possible results. If requested The Client must provide The Photographer with helpers (usually the best man and ushers) who will point out key individuals to be photographed. The Client also agrees to give The Photographer sufficient warning of key events at the wedding to prepare e.g. cutting the cake, speeches etc. Please note that not all guests at weddings like having their photograph taken and some may simply refuse to comply. Some guests may disappear maybe to check in to the hotel, have a drink or smoke etc. Young children can often be uncontrollable due to illness, temper tantrums etc. In such cases The Photographer will use his discretion but cannot be held responsible for a lack of photographs of these people. The Photographer is there to photograph ONLY and will not help with ties, flowers, running errands etc.

4. Pricing

The outstanding balance must be paid in full at least 21 days before the wedding. Photographic services and wedding books paid for in full before the wedding are supplied at the prices advertised on the date of signing of the contract. Wedding books not paid for in full before the wedding are supplied at the prices at the time of the order.

5. The Schedule & Food

Both The Client and The Photographer agree that punctuality and cooperation are essential to producing the desired results. In cases where the wedding does not run on time (for example, extreme lateness by the bride arriving to the church) The Photographer cannot guarantee to take his normal set of photos although in such circumstances he will do his absolute best to compensate. Ushers are also required to turn up early enough to be photographed and they need to be briefed by The Client. The Photographer will begin work approximately two hours before the ceremony and finish with the first dance. The Photographer will work with the venue and church to ensure the day runs smoothly and the schedule adhered to. The Client must provide The Photographer with a hot meal served at the same time as the guests otherwise there may not be enough time to eat it due to the speeches or cutting of the cake.


Many guests will want to photograph the bride and groom but The Client agrees to give The Photographer precedence over the guests in order to take the photographs he is paid to do. The Photographer cannot be held liable for a lack of wedding photographs if his work has been continually interrupted by guests taking their own photos of the bride and groom or blocking his view. The photographer will not tolerate a guest shadowing him and copying his shots. Guests  must not pass on photographs to other suppliers.The Photographer is the only authorised photographer for the day. Other professional photographers are not permitted whether official or otherwise, working for pay or not (e.g. separately employed by parents, contracted by magazines or newspapers), unless agreed in writing before the day.  Breach of this condition shall be deemed cancellation of the contract by The Client. The Photographer is contracted to shoot all photographs relating to the event and no other person is permitted to shoot images for sale or as gifts unless agreed in writing before the day. This includes guests (except for their own personal non-commercial use) and other wedding vendors e.g. a videographer may not shoot stills other than a small quantity to illustrate the video packaging and they must not inhibit my work. Breach of this condition shall be deemed cancellation of the contract by The Client. An inconsiderate guest or supplier can wreck the photographic record of your special day. Coverage may be cancelled without warning at the discretion of The Photographer if he feels threatened or has reason to believe that equipment may be damaged or stolen.


The Photographer shall be granted full creative license for the choice of poses and locations. The Photographer will do his utmost to accommodate the wishes of The Client but will not undertake anything he deems ‘gimmicky’ and unworthy of his skills and style. This includes ‘spot colour’ where the photograph is black & white but the flowers are in colour. Photography will be shot in the style viewed on the website and sample wedding books. The Photographer will apply standard image manipulation to make the files ready for print. This may also include black & white conversion and colour correction. Due to a variety of lighting conditions and the limitations of digital sensors, some colours may alter throughout a set of photographs. Please note that colours do not reproduce exactly in print, phone and tablet. The Photographer will not undertake any cosmetic image manipulation such as the removal of tattoos, flyaway hair, teeth whitening and signage etc. The Client can post images on social media but can only use  the watermarked images The Photographer supplies and they must not be manipulated in any way including colour change and cropping.


The Client has 6 months to create a ‘favourites list’ of photographs from The Photographer’s website that are to be included in the wedding book. Every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests for album design and layout by The Client. Up to 10 changes can be made to the initial wedding album design at no cost. Thereafter a charge of £10 per requested change to the wedding album will be accrued by The Client. The album will not be sent to print unless any outstanding balance from the changes have been settled.


If The Photographer cannot supply the wedding services due to reasons beyond his control such as illness, injury or a double booking he will do everything possible to book a suitable replacement wedding photographer. If a replacement photographer cannot be found in these circumstances, liability is limited to a refund of any payments received.


It is The Client’s responsibility to back up the wedding photographs once they have been delivered. The Photographer has working methods in place to prevent the loss or damage to your images including cloud storage. However, there exists the unlikely possibility that images may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons beyond the control of The Photographer. In these circumstances liability is limited to the return of all fees paid. It is The Client’s responsibility to inform The Photographer of a change of address, email or telephone number.


Should The Photographer not hear from The Client after 6 months The Photographer reserves the right to choose the photographs then design and print the wedding book. Any promotional offer by The Photographer (such as free parent albums) not utilised by The Client within 6 months of the date of the wedding will lapse without value. In extreme cases if The Photographer does not hear from The Client for 12 months The Photographer reserves the right to cancel the wedding book or charge an additional extra to print it.



In the event of the bride and groom cancelling the wedding for whatever reason the booking fee is non refundable. If The Client changes the date The Photographer will do his utmost to accommodate but he cannot guarantee it. If the wedding is cancelled within 2 months of the date then the outstanding balance must be paid to Andrew Hazard Photography. Should the wedding be cancelled within 2-6 months of the wedding then 50% of the total package must be paid. A notice to cancel must be given as soon as possible; an email is acceptable however this needs to be confirmed in writing and sent registered post to:

Andrew Hazard Photography
21 Churchwood
NP4 5SX.
United Kingdom


Only a non refundable £550 (€600) booking fee and a signed contract will secure the date. The Photographer will email an invoice to The Client and payment can be made online. The Client can pay in instalments and may choose by how much and when. The balance needs to be paid in full 28 days before the wedding. Breach of this condition shall be deemed cancellation of the contract by The Client and The Photographer may not turn up.