Italian Wedding Books

All my wedding books are hand crafted in Italy by Graphistudio - the creators of the wedding story book. Each book is printed on thick HD paper as standard.

The Young Book from £500 (€575)

* 40 Lay flat pages, thick HD paper
* Photo Cover (front and back)
* Presentation Box (choice of colours) with internal photo
* Your choice of photos 60+

30x20cm £500 (€575)
35x25cm £550 (€650)


* 40 Lay flat pages, thick HD paper
* Crystal Glance Cover
* Case (Blue, black or burgundy)

30x20cm £550 (€650)
35x25cm £610 (€710)

Choosing photos for your Wedding Book

Before I design you a Wedding Book you will need to create a list of 'Favorites' that you want to go in it. This doesn't have to be a definitive list as you can add to this throughout the design process. The tutorial below will show you how this is done.

Designing and editing your wedding book

Everything is done online and couldn't be simpler. Leave notes on each page that you want amended and I will make the changes. Nothing gets printed until you approve the design. The finished wedding book is printed in Italy and shipped directly to you - anywhere in the world.